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Single Root SSL Certificate 
We offer single root SSL certificates from GeoTrust, the world's 2nd largest digital certificate provider. At a very special low price of $49.95, the RapidSSL certificate is an ideal solution for securing websites conducting lite levels of ecommerce.

Note: This certificate only covers one domain such as While technically will display the same pages, it is considered a subdomain of

Be very careful on which URL you select for a single root certificate. If you wish to cover all subdomains on root name then we highly suggest our wildcard certificates.
Your Cost $49.95
Term One Time
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Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL 
A basic SSL certificate that provides complete encryption for a very low price with unlimited subdomain encryption on a single SSL Certificate
Your Cost $178.95
Term One Time
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GeoTrust BusinessID Wildcard SSL 
An Affordable and flexible SSL security for unlimited sites on a single server. If your company has multiple domains on a single server then this wildcard certificate will cover everything on server requiring a digital certificate
Your Cost $501.95
Term One Time
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